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2800 Series Medallion Series
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Medallion 8000 Series Medallion 8000 Series

Direct-Modulation, DWDM, Low Distortion, Wideband

EMCORE’s Medallion 8000 is a directly-modulated DWDM optical transmitter specifically designed for wideband applications that require both CATV and DBS signals to be transmitted over up to a 30 km length of fiber. This facilitates networks designs that use a single transmitter to carry multiple signals.

The Medallion 8000 supports full 79-channel NTSC analog signal and/or a combination of QAM, DBS with reduced channel analog CATV. It can be selected as a fixed fiber length option to support a fixed length from 0 – 10 km, 5 – 15 km, 10 – 20 km and 15 – 25 km with 18 dBm SBS suppression maximum, or it can be ordered as a fiber length selectable option. This option allows the user to set the Medallion 8000 for best optimized CSO at any fiber length from 0 – 30 km with 1 km increments. At the selected fiber length, the unit can perform within specification with a fiber length of ± 3 km. The selectable fiber length option has a maximum SBS suppression of 20 dBm.

Medallion 6000 Series Medallion 6000 Series

The L-type/D-type/S-type/F-type/N-type Medallion 6000 Series

This product line is a family of state-of-the-art high performance 1550 nm externally modulated CATV fiber optic transmitters optimized for varying network applications. Packaged in convenient 1RU housing, this line of optical transmitters couples high optical output powers, up to 11.0 dBm, with low optical line width resulting in unmatched performance. The optical modulator, combined with proprietary pre-distortion circuitry, provides superior CTB and CSO performance with SBS suppression levels of greater than 21 dBm. Advanced features such as built in field adjustable SBS control and electronic dispersion compensation allow these transmitters to be quickly optimized in the field for any link or application without the need to procure specifically tuned transmitters. This affords the system designer a level of flexibility previously unknown in the CATV market place.

2801 PRO 5 Channel CATV Video Link 2801 PRO 5 Channel CATV Video Link

The Model 2801 PRO 5 Channel CATV VSB/AM video link provides a high-quality system for transferring five video channels per multimode fiber with complete EMI immunity. The use of state-of-the-art 1300 nm LEDs and PIN detectors allows Model 2801 PRO to operate at exceptional performance levels. The unit offers excellent analog bandwidth that ranges from 5 to 350 MHz, allowing transmission of all sub-band, low-band, FM, mid-band, and high-band channels. This system also offers excellent performance at lower channel loadings. The Model 2801 PRO provides an inexpensive option for transmitting high-quality video, making it an obvious choice for video delivery services using multimode fiber.

2802 PRO 10 Channel CATV Video Link 2802 PRO 10 Channel CATV Video Link

The Model 2802 PRO 10 Channel CATV VSB/AM video link offers a state-of-the-art solution for high-quality CATV transmission. The Model 2802 PRO offers exceptional analog bandwidth from 5 to 400 MHz allowing transmission of all sub-band, lowband, FM, mid-band, and high-band channels. This feature allows the system to deliver custom designed video services. In conjunction with a VCR, camcorder, or cable television feed, the Model 2802PRO can transmit TV channels and their sound carriers, over a distance of 10 km or more at 1310 nm over one single-mode fiber. A return path receiver is available for back-haul applications. The unit utilizes inputs from standard CATV VSB/AM modulators, processors, and other ancillary equipment, making the Model 2802PRO link an excellent plug-and-play system. LED indicators and built-in RF and optical power meters allow for quick assessment of the link's status.

2805 CATV Transmitter 2805 CATV Transmitter

The Model 2805 79 Channel CATV PNS transmitter is part of a robust system for transporting up to 79 Channels of VSB/AM modulated signals over a singlemode optical fiber. The system provides 40-870 MHz of usable bandwidth for video signals stacked at 6 MHz intervals. A low loss singlemode fiber allows full channel loading to beyond 20 km while maintaining a good carrier-to-noise ratio.

2806 CATV Transmitter 2806 CATV Transmitter

The CATV model 2806 79 channel CATV professional distribution system (PDS) Transmitter is part of a robust system for transferring up to 79 channels of VSB/AM modulated signals over a single-mode optical fiber. The system is also suitable for transferring 80 CATV channels along with 30 digital QAM channels in the upper frequency range.