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E6000 Converged Edge Router E6000 Converged Edge Router

The E6000™ Converged Edge Router (CER) continues the highly successful legacy of the C4 CMTS and delivers new levels of density and cost-effectiveness for high-density markets in a simple, robust integrated architecture. Like the C4 CMTS, the E6000 CER provides a high availability, high performance solution with high scalability. All elements of the E6000 CER are redundant, either N+1 or 1+1, and all are hot-swappable which adds up to 99.999% system availability. In addition, the E6000 CER integrated architecture minimizes the effort and time required for initial installation, configuration, and troubleshooting. Release 1.0 provides CMTS functionality with all the benefits derived from years of operational experience from the C4 CMTS. The E6000 CER allows an operator to cost-effectively deploy DOCSIS, PacketCable™, DSG/ADSG, and PacketCable Multimedia (PCMM™) services. Cable operators deploying the E6000 CER will benefit from an unprecedented level of service group and channel density, both upstream and downstream. Cable operators deploying dense (multi-channel) DOCSIS downstream service groups will realize significant savings in terms of head-end real estate (rack space), powering, and cooling requirements by deploying the E6000 CER. The E6000 CER active components can be upgraded via software to stay current with changing service demands without new hardware each time. The E6000 also gives increased flexibility to change service mix allocation without service interruptions and physically re-cabling the headend. In addition, the E6000 CER software is based on that of the C4 CMTS, enabling smooth deployments. Cable operators who deploy IPv6 with the E6000 will benefit from years of operational IPv6 experience gained with the C4 CMTS.

Flex Max FM901e-T/B Flex Max FM901e-T/B

For cable operators looking to ensure maximum backwards compatibility and scalability and protect network investments, ARRIS offers solutions that deliver new services with minimal CAPEX, enhance network efficiency and increase subscriber satisfaction.

The Flex Max™ FM901e-T/B 1 GHz Trunk and Bridger Amplifiers enable cable operators to increase forward capacity for high definition television (HDTV) channels, typically allowing a 40% increase over current program offerings.


Cable operators must have investment-protecting, cost-effective, scalable solutions that leverage existing infrastructure. With ARRIS Fiber to the Premises RFoG solutions, operators can now supply greenfield communities and small to medium businesses with video, voice, and data at DOCSIS® speeds, and quickly “light up” MDUs and rural communities in an economical fashion. ‘All fiber’ connectivity enables cable operators to claim parity with other Fiber to the Home (FTTH) architectures and provides a future migration path to PON without changing the outside plant infrastructure. Triple play services delivered over RFoG work the same as those delivered over coax and make use of existing headend, back office, and customer premise equipment.

OM2000 Out-of-Band Multiplexer / Modulator OM2000 Out-of-Band Multiplexer / Modulator

The OM2000 produces an out-of-band (OOB) data stream to digital set-tops providing a signaling channel, transmission of program guide information, code downloads, infrared codes, application information and the downstream path in an interactive system. Data input is configurable through Ethernet and serial connections. The OM2000 Quadrature Phase Shift Key Modulator (QPSK) modulates data on a 1.5 MHz wide carrier in the 71 to 129 MHz band with transmitted data multiplexed either in the OM2000 or externally. Null packets are used as necessary to perform rate aggregation between its inputs and the 2.048 Mbps output. Forward error correction (FEC) encoding and interleaving protects data integrity.

OmniStar GX2 Platform OmniStar GX2 Platform

The OmniStar® GX2, one of the world’s most widely deployed optical platforms, provides superior module density, while continuing the OmniStar legacy of scalability, superior performance and flexibility, and operational simplicity. The four rack-unit chassis accepts up to 16 hot- swappable application modules, minimizing headend space requirements. With superior 1310 nm and 1550 nm full spectrum multiwavelength solutions, the OmniStar GX2 enables operators the ability to offer advanced, revenue-generating voice, video, and data services. The universal platform and full complement of application modules can accommodate a full spectrum, overlay, RFoG, and other variety of system architectures.

AgileMax 2RU AgileMax 2RU

The ARRIS AgileMax® is an exciting new breakthrough in RF-over-Glass (RFoG) FTTH network technology. Replacing the optical splitters commonly found in traditional RFoG architectures, next-generation AgileMax optical distribution technology allows operators to completely eliminate Optical Beat Interference (OBI) from their networks—even in networks with multiple, active upstream lasers. By eliminating OBI, operators can significantly expand their networks’ upstream and downstream capacity and data speed without changing back office infrastructure. As a result, AgileMax deployments overcome the cost, scalability, and capacity restrictions that limit RFoG performance, while greatly reducing operational complexity in these networks.

APEX1000 All-Purpose Edge QAM APEX1000 All-Purpose Edge QAM

The APEX1000, our next-generation all-purpose edge QAM, provides flexibility, high-availability, high-QAM density, MediaCipher® encryption, and low power in an extremely cost-effective 1 RU platform. Up to three removable and hot-swappable QAM modules can be installed in the chassis. Each module provides two RF ports; each port supports up to eight QAM channels. All of the 48 available QAM channels can be used for video on demand (VOD), switched digital video (SDV), broadcast services or DOCSIS high-speed data (through support for the M-CMTS architecture).

APEX3000 High Density Universal Edge QAM APEX3000 High Density Universal Edge QAM

The APEX3000 is an ultra-dense, fully redundant, state-of-the-art chassis-based edge QAM platform. Its ability to save power and provide excellent RF performance for QAM delivery is ideal for linear broadcast applications as well as narrowcast applications such as VOD, Cloud DVR, SDV and M-CMTS. The APEX3000 provides operators a unique platform to converge QAM services on a single EQAM platform today, while also providing a migration path to support the network’s future needs.

ASI to Gigabit Ethernet Bridge AGB240 ASI to Gigabit Ethernet Bridge AGB240

The AGB240 ASI to Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) Bridge enables service providers to cost-effectively migrate legacy ASI video equipment to IP networks in headend environments. AGB240 delivers highly reliable bridging of traffic from ASI video service outputs in legacy equipment, such as satellite receivers (IRDs), encoders and Cherrypickers®, to a common GigE IP backbone or transport network. This simple, stand-alone solution also provides significant power savings to service providers by using 90 percent less power than alternative solutions.