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Wide range of applications - commercial settings, hospitality, multi dwelling units, stadiums, educational campuses, healthcare, etc.

Direct connection to satellite or cable receivers – redistribute high-quality content on-premise or campus-wide. Component video and digital audio interfaces allow for simple connections.

Rack Chassis eases installation – holds and powers up to eight HDbridge modules, and includes an RF combiner and amplification. Provides one AC and one RF connection.

LAN port for remote management and configuration – monitor and configure modules remotely, allowing for channel and content changes without needing to be on site.

Coax wiring – easily integrate and balance into new or existing MATV/SMATV RF distribution systems to add an HD tier of video feeds.

Built to last - steel enclosure, rack mounting, robust power supply, internal unit fans, and commercial cable-grade components.

HMA Series HMA Series

The HMA-550H and the HMA-860H are commercial grade, SAW filtered, frequency agile modulators specifically designed to meet the highest CATV performance standards. All channels are easily selected using front panel buttons and verified with an easy-to-read LED channel display. The modulators feature extremely low out-of-band noise allowing their use in large channel capacity head-ends. The HMA-550H and the HMA-860H modulators are the ideal choice for any system where performance, flexibility, and reliability are required.

HMMA Series HMMA Series

The HMMA is a high quality SAW filtered frequency agile modulator designed to meet high CATV performance standards. The small modulator is 1\" wide for an easy fit into one slot of our Mini Modular Head-End System.

HMMS Series HMMS Series

The HMMS-* mini-modulator is a commercial grade fixed channel design that integrates with Holland\'s Mini-Modulator System. The HMMS-* accepts any A/V base-band signal and outputs on CATV channels 2-135 at a minimum 45 dBmV. HRC and IRC offsets available.

HPM55-* Series HPM55-* Series

Adjacent channel audio/video modulator specifically designed for head-ends requiring proven performance. The HPM55’s internal filters provide sharp VSB reduction for adjacent channel operation while maintaining similar C/N and video response found in more expensive SAW modulators.

HSM55-* Series HSM55-* Series

The HSM55-* is the same proven modulator as the HPM55-* with additional SAW filtering providing unparrallelled adjacent channel performance.