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PowerVu® Model D9850 PowerVu® Model D9850

The PowerVu® Model D9850 Program Receiver is designed for satellite content distribution applications requiring 4:2:0 video decoding. The receiver offers the capability to receive digitally encrypted video, audio, utility data, and Vertical Blanking Interval (VBI) data.

Analog Cable Program Distribution
Composite video and balanced audio outputs can be connected to analog modulators for analog cable distribution. Four mono audio channels or two stereo pairs are available for primary audio programs and/or secondary audio programs (SAP). For example, primary program audio could be carried on one of the stereo pairs, while SAP audio is carried on the other stereo pair.

Digital Cable Program Distribution
An uplink-addressable transport output provides MPEG program streams for digital tier program delivery. This ensures that the highest quality video programs are efficiently distributed to households equipped with digital set-top boxes.

Digital Program Replacement
Digital program replacement (DPR) allows a programmer to seamlessly switch their primary service to an alternate service in the digital domain in blackout applications for cable digital tier distribution. This feature remaps the PID information from the primary service to an alternate service allowing downstream devices to continue to operate seamlessly. This ensures availability of alternate programming in the digital tier without operator intervention.