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D9054 HDTV Encoder D9054 HDTV Encoder

The MPEG-4* part 10 (H.264/AVC) Encoder Model D9054 is the right choice for any operator who wants to compress high-definition video using MPEG-4 compression technology. PreSightPlusTM pre-analysis, dual-pass technology and single-slice architecture efficiently utilizes the scarce bandwidth resources in distribution systems and provides excellent picture quality. Supporting both 1080i and 720p, the encoder offers AVC encoding in various distribution and contribution applications. Based on a dedicated encoder resource, the D9054 Encoder optionally supports picture-in-picture (PIP) functionality for convenient channel change and mosaic applications. The HDTV Encoder will support multiple audio formats, providing excellent flexibility. It will support up to two stereo pairs of either MPEG-1 Layer II audio, Dolby® Digital (AC-3) 2.0 audio, AAC audio, or AACv1 audio with a broad range of bit rates, and will support pass-through of externally encoded Dolby 5.1 audio.

D9032 Encoder D9032 Encoder

In the broadcast and broadband world, optimizing bandwidth in your distribution channels is of utmost importance. The Model D9032 Encoder is designed to deliver high-quality MPEG-2 video while using very limited bandwidth. Used in either constant or variable bit rate or in a closed loop statistical multiplex mode, the encoder delivers clean and sharp pictures.
The D9032 Encoder includes PreSightPlus™ technology - a unique new DSP-based pre-processing architecture that carries out multiple pre-processing steps to help optimize the encoding process. PreSightPlus algorithms perform three functions addressing different issues in a compression system:
  • Adaptive and motion compensated noise reduction
  • Auto-concatenation enabling the encoder to lock the encoding GOP to that of the preceding encoder
  • Pre-analysis for optimal dual pass encoding
PreSightPlus Pre-analysis combined with the Regulus™ Statistical Multiplexing Controller is an industry leading solution for bandwidth-saving encoding using closed loop statistical multiplexing technology including dual statmux pool support. The dual pass architecture of the encoder provides detailed information to the statistical multiplex controller, allowing it to make better bit rate allocation decisions.

Control of the encoder is supported via a front panel interface, an on-board web application, an optional ROSA™ driver, and an open communication protocol (SNMP). Transport output is provided via ASI outputs as well as through an IP (100Base-T) streaming output.

The extensive features allow the D9032 Encoder to address a wide range of applications such as contribution, cable headends, DTH or DVB-T play-outs and IP headends.

Continuum DVPâ„¢ Model D9020 Encoder Continuum DVP™ Model D9020 Encoder

The Continuum DVP™ Model D9020 Encoder offers a cost-effective, compact solution allowing Headend operators to convert NTSC/PAL programs into compressed MPEG-2 format. Requiring only 1RU of space, the encoder offers two stereo pairs of audio (including SAP), analog and SDI video inputs, and dual DVB-ASI transport outputs. Closed-captioning, V-Chip and DVB WST are supported. For ease of use, the encoder supports stand-alone operation with an intuitive front panel control. With on-board web page generation, the encoder is easily controlled and monitored via an Ethernet connection and a Web Browser. For applications requiring a full network interface, SNMP v2 with a simple MIB is supported.

Local Encoding Applications

  • Encode local programs for use on the digital tier
  • Encode programs for the digital tier after locally inserted analog advertising

Bandwidth Recovery Applications

  • Recover transport bandwidth between Headend hubs by transmitting multiple compressed programs per OC- 3 link in digital transport applications
  • Recover bandwidth to add new services such as HDTV or VOD/SVOD by easily moving analog programs to the digital tier

Model D9022 Encoder Model D9022 Encoder

The Model D9022 Encoder is designed to deliver high-quality SD MPEG-2 video. The encoder supports two IP outputs and 3 ASI outputs simultaneously.

Model D9050 MPEG-2 HD Encoder Model D9050 MPEG-2 HD Encoder

The newest generation MPEG-2 HD encoder provides multiple benefits in multi-channel encoding systems for HD/HD or HD/SD statistical multiplexing. This high-performance, cost-efficient encoder includes our newly developed content-aware compression algorithm and PreSightPlus dual pass architecture for excellent video quality regardless of content complexity.