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Continuum DVP Models D6238 and D6239 8VSB Demodulator

The Continuum DVP Models D6238 and D6239 8VSB Demodulators from Scientific-Atlanta, enable 8VSB television signals to be inserted into digital cable systems. Both the Model D6238 and Model D6239 will process an off-air HDTV 8VSB television signal providing an ASI output for injection into a QAM modulator. The Model D6239 also includes a built-in multiplexer allowing for the combining of two 8VSB broadcast signals into a single 38 Mbps ASI output for use in 256 QAM cable applications.

Using a standard web browser via the RJ-45 Ethernet port, you can set up all parameters in just a few minutes. Parameters include local station selection, alarms, and even PSIP processing.

You can select certain program elements contained in the stream for deletion. For example, if you choose to completely delete private data services from a particular stream you can simultaneously modify channel numbers to allow correct channel mapping. In another example if both HDTV and SDTV signals are present in the stream, you can just pass the signal you want to inject into your cable system.

Both the Model D6238 and Model D6239 provide quality monitoring of carrier, and transport stream via web interface. Warning and major alarm signals are also provided via contact closures. Plus, the Model D6239 includes switching to a local alternate ASI program.