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IP<>ASI Transcoder
IP<>ASI Transcoder


Product Code: BLT-IPAT


IPAT (IP ASI Transcoder) is a bi-direction IP ASI transcoder that accepts MPEG2/4-encoded input streams in 1000Base-T Ethernet (GbE) and ASI formats simultaneously. GbE input is transcoded to ASI output while ASI input is transcoded to GbE output.

ASI Input/Output interface

  • Supports Single or Multi Protocol Transport Services (SPTS or MPTS)
  • Performs PCR (Program Clock Reference) correction
  • Allows Null Packet insertion & deletionGbE Input/Output interface
  • Provides robust protection against IP network jitter and delay
  • Performs PCR (Program Clock Reference) replacement
  • Supports Uni- and Multi-cast thru RTP/UDP protocols
  • Supports IPv4, ARP, IGMPv2, and ICMP protocols
  • Supports variable and constant bitratesOptional RF modules
  • RF IN/OUT modules support both 8VSB and Annex A/B QAM modes
  • RF IN module accepts 8VSB free-to-air & NTSC CATV standard channels 2-135
  • RF OUT module provides NTSC CATV standard/sub-band channels 2-135/T7-T14
  • RF OUT module provides output level of +40 dBmV

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