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Opti Max OM1111 Node Opti Max OM1111 Node

The ARRIS Opti Max™ OM1111 provides cable operators with a compact, single high output node to service small subscriber groups, small/medium business customers and MDUs.

The OM1111’s 1 GHz bandwidth enables cable operators to increase downstream capacity for HDTV, Video on Demand, VoIP, high speed data/internet, and other value-added services. Return bandwidth options extend to 85 MHz to support additional revenue generating service offerings. CWDM transmitters allow multiple nodes to be combined onto a single fiber with ruggedized optical passives, maximizing the optical spectrum that is available in fiber-scarce architectures.

Opti Max OM2100 Node Opti Max OM2100 Node

The ARRIS Opti Max™ OM2100 cabinet node provides an ideal segmentation solution for street cabinet and pedestal applications. The Opti Max 2100 supports CWDM, DWDM, and ARRIS CORWave® multiwavelength technologies, allowing cable operators to maximize their fiber allocation. The node supports downstream 2X segmentation with the addition of a second optical receiver and is available with optional GaN technology to support a variety of network architectures. In the return path, the OM2100 supports 4X segmentation services with a variety of analog and digital return transmitter technologies. The node is available with a local AC powering option for additional flexibility in indoor applications that require a wall plug in. The node is supplied with a 110V North American plug or 220V universal plug; other plugs can be field installed.

Opti Max OM2741 Node Opti Max OM2741 Node

The ARRIS Opti Max™ OM2741 provides cable operators with a compact, fiber deep solution to manage network growth. The node features integrated segmentation switches that allow future segmentation without any additional parts or expense. The technician can enable new segments by simply adding a transmitter or receiver as required, then flipping a switch to activate the new configuration. By reducing the requirement for additional configuration boards and minimizing maintenance time, the OM2741 provides a lower total cost of ownership for the MSO.

With its premium high-gain receiver and advanced, next-generation GaN hybrid technology, the OM2741 is appropriate for a variety of architectures. The node accepts modules and accessories common with the 4x4 fully segmentable OM4100, easing sparing requirements, reducing inventory, and simplifying deployment training.

Opti Max OM3100 Node Opti Max OM3100 Node

The ARRIS Opti Max™ OM3100 1 GHz 2x2 segmentable node enables cable operators to increase forward capacity for HDTV, Video on Demand (VOD), VoIP, Internet, and other service offerings. 2x2 segmentation in both the forward and return path provides the ability to reduce a service group size by 50% for increased capacity and more targeted services when needed, without having to run new trunk fiber or install additional nodes. Thoughtfully designed drop in lid upgrades* enable service group segmentation by converting amplifiers or older nodes to 1 GHz nodes. The OM3100 accepts legacy PADs and Equalizers to minimize stocking requirements. Optional Digital Return transmitters utilizes pluggable SFPs in 1310, 1550, CWDM and DWDM wavelengths to provide easier truck stocking.

Opti Max OM4100 Node Opti Max OM4100 Node

Cable operators are looking for new subscriber revenue and higher average revenue per subscriber without major CAPEX. ARRIS offers a suite of products and solutions that help operators seamlessly and easily stay in line with future goals, add new services, and strongly position against the competition.

Cable operators need optimal performance in their network architectures to support expanded service offerings such as HDTV, Video on Demand (VOD), VoIP, and high speed data/internet. The ARRIS Opti Max™ OM4100, a 4 output segmentable node, uses industry leading technology and design to facilitate full 4x4 segmentation in a modular, pay-as-you grow platform for optical to RF (RF to optical in the upstream) signal conversion.

Full 4x4 segmentation capability in the downstream and upstream path provides the ability to reduce service group sizes by up to 75% for increased capacity and more targeted services, without having to run new trunk fiber or install additional nodes. The OM4100’s optional premium high gain receiver with on-board automatic gain control (AGC), coupled with GaN technology, operates at a lower optical input level, allowing operators to place nodes deeper into the network for expanded footprint.